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Barbara Bestor, FAIA

Bestor's seminal "stealth density" project completed in 2015, integrates a high-quality design while simultaneously addressing the need to densify urban housing. 18 houses sited on individual parcels are ingeniously concealed with folding roof planes that disguise where one residence ends and another begins. The community's striking black and white color scheme creates a stark contrast to the eye that further defines Bestor's design strategy. Organized around a central courtyard intended to function as communal living space, each residence includes multiple private and semi-private spaces and sits among drought tolerant and native landscaping by Mia Lehrer & Associates. This residence includes: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, bonus room, master bedroom walk-in closet, polished concrete and while oak flooring, floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves, custom Brendan Ravenhill/LED lighting, Bosch appliances, multi-floor speaker system, EV charging port, tankless water heater, custom roller sun shades on all windows, and several expansive windows maximize views of the surrounding Echo Park hills.

Significant Architecture Sold

Lovell Health House, 1929

Richard Neutra, Architect

Los Angeles County Museum of Art Guide number D3,6. Listed: National Register of Historic Places. City of Los Angeles Cultural Historic Monument # 123. In their seminal Guide, historians David Gebhard and Robert Winter state: "Without question, this house together with Schindler's Lovell Beach House in Newport Beach are the greatest monuments of the International style in Southern California. The Lovell House firmly established Neutra's world reputation. " 

The John Kelsey Residence, 1962

Ladd & Kelsey, Architects

Conceived for his own family of five, this project stands as a manifesto of his distinct design sensibility. An unapologetic fan of Mies Van der Rohe, Kelsey was sold on the universality of that master's discipline. On Chateau Road he combines skillfully planning rigor of Germanic descent with openness to the site's lush landscape.

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The Miltimore Residence, 1911
Irving Gill, Architect

First offering since 1952. Designed in 1911 for Mrs. Paul Miltimore, this house is considered the most significant surviving residence by architect Irving Gill in Southern California.” The residence, #11 on South Pasadena’s Register of Cultural Heritage Landmarks, is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Online Archive of California, University of California. 





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