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Kambara Residence, 1960

Richard Neutra, Architect

Yew, Inadomi, Sokol, Treweck, Flavin, Ohara, Akai, and Kambara: these are the celebrated Neutra Colony houses at Silver Lake. Contrary to appearance, this unique living environment, sheltered within a park-like landscape, was not a planned development. Each residence was carefully executed one by one with the architect’s first ground rule being to provide by design for the happiness and well-being of each individual owner, and his family. Neutra understood that well-being was tied directly to the idea of living in harmony with nature, neighbors, and within the family unit itself. That the Kambaras spent their entire lives here treasuring the house, and carefully maintaining it exactly as built speaks to the success of the architect’s endeavor. The residence is sited so that living spaces merge with the views of Silver Lake and surrounding gardens. Includes: open plan living areas, den/library, workshop, laundry, and attached 2 car garage. 

2232 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles 90039
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