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Tufeld Residence, 1953

Gregory Ain, Architect

Ain stated: "Architecture is a social art, its esthetic power must be derived from a social ethos." He explored social issues through his progressive views with an emphasis on the flexible use of work, leisure and outdoor space planned to circulate activities throughout the house, and technology to facilitate daily living. Shortly after moving in, Adrienne Tufeld wrote a relative: "The house is as modern as has a freezer, dishwasher, & garbage disposal." Postwar, these appliances, and the television were badges of progressive modern living. 

Designed for Television/Radio Announcer Dick Tufeld and his family, Ain's social living plan is cohesively integrated with Garrett Eckbo's abstract garden landscape. Vistas of the Hollywood Hills behind the backyard are framed within the house. Eckbo's oval pool, set within a wide circular pattern incorporating lawn and hardscape, presents contrasting geometries to Ain's rectilinear architecture. 

The open plan of the residence includes a glass walled living room, dining area, kitchen with breakfast, service, and laundry areas, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and family room. There are two hideaway cocktail bars. A pool house with baths and changing rooms, and an attached 2 car garage completes the program. Most all original historic fabric: redwood siding, cabinetry, built-ins, 2 fireplaces, and custom art tile remains intact and in good condition.

11020 Wrightwood Place, Studio City 91604
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