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The Jack Lucas Residence, 1947

Eric Black, Architect, with renovations by Tony Unruh, AIA

This is post-war modernism in its pure state, as referenced in "Tomorrow's House: A Complete Guide for the Home-Builder," by George Nelson and Henry Wright. The original owner reportedly remarked that he wanted a house that would "always look modern." With its palette of fine woods and glass, and its orientation to the site, this ridgetop residence celebrates both Wrightian traditions, and the clean-lined purity of California modernism. Here, East and West are one. The paradox both energizes and calms, and the theory that architecture enhances life is unassailable. Comfort and serenity are achieved with a faultless sense of scale and proportion. Glass walls look out to a tranquil garden in front, and to rear, the pool, spa and ship-like deck. Multiple seating areas and ample terraced gardens face panoramic views above Mulholland, to the hills and ocean beyond.

7400 Pyramid Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90046
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